150 MG CBD Sleep-Aid Full Spectrum Oil


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Our 150 mg CBD Sleep-Aid oil might be exactly what you are looking for when it comes to a perfect night’s rest. This product may benefit you with better sleep because it combines CBD with melatonin.

Why our Sleep Aid oil is spectacular? 

Over 50 million Americans are affected by a lack of quality sleep. Poor sleep can result in a lack of energy, focus, clarity, and increased health concerns. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that is made in our bodies naturally. It is known as the sleep hormone. It registers in your brain and tells your body it is time to relax and go to bed. Not all of us produce enough melatonin naturally. That is why we make this product. Having additional melatonin along with our high-potent CBD may be a perfect combination for an excellent night’s sleep.

Why do we recommend our CBD Oils? 

One of the more effective delivery methods is oil, also known as a tincture. Why is it so effective? Because the oil is deposited under the tongue, where it can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery instead of passing through the gut. CBD oil taken sublingually is highly bioavailable, which means it loses none of its potency due to digestion and other metabolic processes. Make sure to hold the oil under your tongue for at least 20 seconds to maximize absorption.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil, Fractioned coconut oil, Melatonin.

All our products are third-party lab-tested. View our Certificate of Analysis by clicking here.

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  1. Leslie

    Excellent product!! Great quality CBD. Fast acting and helps me focus and keeps my anxiety at bay with the high stress days of running my business. I also noticed it helps with muscle soreness and pain. Helps tremendously with cramps too. I love how it is a natural way to help with many ailments and replaces my need to take ibuprofen. I highly recommend this CBD. I have tried many different brands and this one actually gets the job done and I see fast results. Thank you for such an excellent product.

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