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About Us


Sons of Liberty CBD is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned company manufacturing the best CBD based products available on the market today Our work ethic comes from our foundation in service to our country. We are utterly committed to maximizing our support of veterans, first responders, and law enforcement members. Each purchase ensures your hard-earned money not only gets you the best product but piece of mind knowing we are a company that pays it forward.

From our farms, utilizing only the best, proven strains of hemp and all the way through extraction and packaging, we know our CBD is top quality. The best way to maximize your CBD regimen is through our “Sons Club Program” When you join the club you have access to a personalized program built to ensure the proper products and dosing for your unique situation. Membership is free and grants access to upcoming product samples, partner discounts, and personalized tours of our facilities.


After a very athletic childhood filled with football, rodeo and wrestling I was fortunate enough to have never had a severe injury, and thought I was pretty much immune to those pesky things. It wasn’t until my service to our country that I love that I got to experience real multiple injuries that cut short my military service and put me on the path of chronic pain and limited life activities. The incidents added a disease component brought on as a direct result of the injuries.

Twelve major surgeries and over a year in VA hospitals weighed heavily on my mind and body. While I would have periods of “life as normal” I would also begin to experience more pro-longed bouts on pain and discomfort. A second shoulder surgery on the same caused me to catch a form MRSA in a VA hospital that had an outbreak.

This was the game-changer in my life. Up until then, I was always able to power through, but this disease was attacking my lungs and heart. The abscess on my leg had reached a point of acidity that I could no longer get any relief. Although I had private insurance, I could not get a doctor to perform the needed surgery as they feared an amputation may be necessary. Out of options I reluctantly went back to the VA and fortunately found the right surgeon who after examination moved my case up and he had me in surgery two days later.

The surgery wound had to be left open and I had a wound vacuum as a constant companion for the next 6 months. It was during this time that I was introduced to silver and CBD as alternatives to traditional drugs. After a short time of taking the products, the recovery and remission of the disease was a true blessing from God. I have been on a crusade ever since to get the word out to as many folks as possible about the remarkable benefits natural medicine can offer.

About Laura

Not long ago, Laura was a single mom with some challenging health aspects in front of her. When her son was a toddler, her body said ‘enough’ with the lack of attention and borderline abuse she was putting it through. At 5’5”, she was carrying around over 200lbs, had elevated blood sugar, thyroid issues, and didn’t exercise regularly. At the tender age of 34, her body rebelled, or maybe it just quit. She could no longer stand up unassisted when her back started with severe spasms. A cortisone injection in the SI joint of her back got her moving, but she knew in no uncertain terms that this was not a long-term fix for what was ailing her.

She had to make changes or she would not be assured of seeing her son grow up.

This was the beginning of an exhaustive learning curve into exercise, body chemistry, inflammation, diet, supplementation, and a comprehensive holistic approach to health. She started moving. She read incessantly on diet, nutrition and anti-aging. She tried dozens of diets along the way with a zeal to adhering to the specifics no matter how difficult with the motto “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”

Over the last 18 years, the focus on nutrition for prevention and anti-aging has lead to the longest period of her life that she felt in control of her physicality. While appearance is important, it is the naturopathic approach to daily life that has helped the most in the life of her friends and family. She looks to natural approaches to health first before going to the medicine cabinet. Sore throats get treated with nano-silver and oregano oil. Aches and pains get addressed with CBD and EVERYONE is on the soon to be released D3. No one in her household has taken an ibuprofen or an OTC alternative in over 7 years or even had a non-allergy sniffle in that time.

Laura’s passion for an all-natural approach is a driving factor behind the products offered by Sons of Liberty. Future release of a fully developed line of nano vitamin supplements is planned to align with the release of Sons of Liberty Wellness line, expected in Q4 of 2021. No more gastric discomfort or lack of bioavailability from your supplements. We can’t wait!


Our products get produced in the USA and are third-party lab tested. Our CBD is top quality and allows us to provide the best strains of CBD from the hemp plant. We use a CO2 Extraction process on the farm to produce the highest quality CBD.


We are committed to maximizing our support of veterans, first responders, and law enforcement members. Each purchase ensures your hard-earned money not only gets you the best products but peace of mind knowing we are a company that pays it forward.



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